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February 25th – Rob Weir & Dan Norkus of Wolf Rally Team quickly proved they have the speed and rally car capable of being a top contender for the 2013 Rally America Season. The team took 2nd in Open class for both Trespassers Wil and 100 Acre Wood Rally Events.

“Due to various constraints, we had no time for practice before the rally” said Weir. “With the sudden changes in weather conditions, we opted to modify our rally car setup versus running it through shakedown. The first time I drove the car at speed with an Open class motor was on the first stage” explained Weir.

A rally event typically known for mild, dry conditions took a dramatic turn when several inches of freezing rain fell during Recce on Thursday. The weekend sun brought some melt to the stages, but areas with tree shade were still icy and unpredictable. “Dan convinced me to run the stages at a fast, but cautious pace. The ice and snow cover made it very difficult to spot rocks and other objects that could flatten tires or damage suspension” said Weir.

The team finished Trespassers Wil 2nd in class, and 4th overall. The team also posted the 8th fastest time overall on Special Stage 6 – Ollies Camel; a 10.1 mile night stage.

On day two, the team set out for another podium in the 100 Acre Wood Rally. “The morning stages were not kind to us. We suffered electrical & suspension issues, plus a flat early on Special Stage 11” said Weir. “But in rally you need to refocus and press on. I felt we played it smart in the afternoon by pushing through stages we knew well; and staying conservative through the tougher sections.”

Proving once again ‘the wolves’ could master the night stages, the team went on full attack on the last two stages of the event; reclaiming most of their lost time and taking 2nd in Open class for the 100 Acre Wood Event. Rob claimed his ninth podium finish in his first ten Rally America events.

“I must thank my co-driver Dan Norkus for his navigation and pacing abilities; plus our crew who worked tirelessly throughout the weekend to keep us in the fight” said Weir.

Wolf Rally Team thanks returning sponsors Competition Clutch, Culture Studio, and Turn In Concepts for their support. Wolf Rally Team also welcomes PERRIN Performance as a new sponsor for 2013. See www.facebook.com/wolfrallyteam for videos, images, rally apparel & more!

Wolf Rally Team Earns Double Podium Weekend in

Open Class Debut